“Hope on Wheels” gives families hope for a cure for childhood cancer

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*this is a sponsored post Friday, September 1st, I got to attend the Hyundai Hope on Wheels awards dinner in San Francisco, where the charity awarded the University of California, San Francisco Children's Hospital with a $250,000 grant, which will help support the hospital's cancer research. Several hospitals were awarded $250,000 grants to go toward [...]

Sailing to China Camp

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Last weekend, we sailed to China Camp via San Pablo Bay. What a beautiful weekend it was as we continued to learn the 41-foot ketch. We put up all the sails, and also tried her out wing-to-wing. The boat moves well in light wind, and is very comfortable on a gentle heel. I made a [...]

Sailing is a slow-paced rush

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Last weekend, we took the boat out for the first time in four months. She has new rigging that Tom strung up himself, and we wanted to see how she handled with three sails and a slight pounding from the Bay. My friend Lacey was along, so we stocked up on beers and ingredients to make [...]

Batten down the hatches!

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The time is ticking closer and closer to when we can take the boat out of the Golden Gate! It's been such a long road to getting her sailing! In the past few months, Tom has replaced all the standing rigging, secured the spreaders, hoisted the mizzen boom and sail, and is now working on securing [...]

Small girl, big house

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I'm sitting in a beautiful kitchen in Berkeley that's the size of the interior of the boat where I live. It has picture windows showing trees lashed by the wind, a small gas stove with blue, flickering flames, and a six burner stove. This kitchen is a dream come true, with a dishwasher and a deep [...]

Sailing is what makes the Bay

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Sometimes, the Bay area can seem intolerable to me, with its crowds of angry people, its busy streets, its honks and middle fingers. The place seems overpopulated and expensive, hard to find a place to get a cheap beer and some good bar food, let alone hang out without being one of many jostled in the [...]

San Francisco, a playground for the rich

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  Tonight I tried to go to my favorite happy hour in San Francisco, at a sushi restaurant in the Marina District. I pride myself on finding good deals in a city where going out to eat at a mid-range restaurant costs $75 for two, nearly double the national average. So I find spots where I [...]

The Gratitude between Have and Have-Not

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  My little temporary burner aboard the sailboat. Often, when living the way I do, on a boat without most common amenities, it's easy to feel ungrateful. My mind goes into this endless spiral of things I don't have, and I start feeling down. No Internet. No toilet. No refrigerator. No stove. No living room. [...]

Intentionally houseless

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  The response to my article about living in a car and a tent to pay off debt in the crazy expensive San Francisco has been huge, and I want to thank everyone for reading and offering kind advice and reflections. The article was since picked up by the Huffington Post and Business Insider, which has [...]